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Our love for animals has always guided many of our life decisions. One of them was to leave life in the city and pursue what really filled us with joy : animals.

We started training dogs professionally in 2009 and as time went on we decided to create a space where dogs and cats could be accommodated for as long as needed and receive all the care they need. So, in 2011 we started operating a small pet hotel.  

Just 24 km from the center of Thessaloniki, in a privately owned area of 4 acres, we created the hotel BetterDogs. Here, our guests are first and foremost our friends and as hosts, our concern is to provide them a comfortable and safe accommodation.  

Each of our friends is special and for this reason we take care to configure the program of each of our guests according to his needs and desires. Our goal is for our guests to have fun and enjoy their stay with us. We have specialized staff who undertake throughout the day, cleaning, feeding, sports and care of your pets so that they do not miss anything other than you.

As we are not only dog lovers, but also passionate cat people, we wanted to create a place where cats can be entertained and have fun without having to give up their favorite habits. Our cattery is designed so that our guest cats have their personal, private space, where they are provided with food, water, a littertray, bed, scratching post and toys.

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