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contact info

Souroti, Thessaloniki

Tel. 6944 951 563


Working hours

Monday  - Friday

09.00 to 19.00

Saturday and Sunday

10.00 to 17.00

Marina Chatzopoulou

With true love and special care they hug our four-legged friends when we need to be away. The facilities are extremely clean with spacious rooms. The daily walk takes place in a nice and large area with lawn, very well-kept. !!

Vicky Marinopoulou

Sample told me that it went great and will definitely come back !!!!!!!!!

Evi Orfanidou

You feel like you are leaving your dog with friends! Maya is having a great time and we have a quiet head. Thank you very much for everything!

Theofilos Lina Kiouptzidis

We just received our boxer shorts, it is the second time we leave it and we could not be happier! Wonderful people with modern, spotless facilities and with love for the four-legged members of our family! Thank you!


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