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Each of our guest lives in its own space . The rooms are equiped with the necessary littertray, a cat bed, a scratching post and of course food and water. We have rooms in different sizes so that they can comfortably accommodate cat families who love to live together.

Those of us who love cats know how much they love adventure . We could not deprive our guests of such a pleasure. For this very reason, our cattery is equipped with a variety of toys and scratching towers where cats can climb, hide, play and hunt.  In a safe environment , full of pleasant stimuli, our guests can enjoy adventure.

Our guest cats are fed with dry food (for neutered animals) or dry food for kittens, depending on their age. Their daily diet also includes canned food. If you wish, you can bring us the food you have chosen for your pet and we will take care of feeding according to your instructions.

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